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The THEorY of
"Great" Society of the UN-dead


I. Introduction       II. Background       III. The Candidates       IV. New York City, USA

New York City as Mystery, Babylon

(Note: To avoid going off message all links that support this position as well as point to the impending manifestation thereof are tabulated in the consecutive order of their of appearance on the related links page as well as highlighted in the main text body.)

III. The Candidates

(Note: No disrespect to these authors is intended as they all have done very good and very extensive work on this subject. The "conspiracy theorist" has merely come across additional information that proves this article's supposition: The location of Mystery, Babylon as New York City, USA).

A. Rome

This one is perhaps the most popular the most obvious being the home of the Catholic Church as exemplified by popular Christian authors Dave Hunt and Hal Lindsey. There is a lot symbolism to support this position:

i. In Revelation 17:4 we read:
And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.

The purple and scarlet have been identified with the garments of the Catholic Church Priesthood. I am not aware of any 'official' colors of the Catholic Church and white is just as prominent as scarlet and purple. The precious stones and pearls are obviously associated with riches and nobody will argue against the Catholic Church's well stocked bank accounts and accumulated gold. However, they don't literally own the world the way they once did in the Dark Ages like say today's "Federal" "Reserve"/World Bank/JP Morgan Chase Rockefeller associated gang banker cabal. The golden cup should be an obvious reference to the chalice whereupon the Catholic priests commit blasphemy every Sunday (and every Catholic mass for that matter) by declaring that the wine in the golden cup somehow becomes the blood of Jesus Christ Himself. However, when one reads the vast writings of the "New" Age loons or visits their web sites the chalice is representative of the so-called Holy Grail, not the literal Grail itself. In a nutshell, the Holy Grail is still a complete mystery to all that have been searching for it throughout history and may not even physically exist. What it does represent is enlightenment or "Illumination" or "Knowledge" that man can become God, the real One not at all dissimilar to the same lie a certain serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden. This was discussed in "The THEorY of LIVEvolution" and an example is presented here:

Here the Goddess Sophia (on right from is gathering "Illumination" or "Knowledge" to become God, the real One from a chalice that is symbolic of the Holy Grail and not necessarily a physical golden chalice. By the way, her name should sound familiar as it is rooted in Theosophy (Theo god and sophy or sophia knowledge) as in "Madame" Blavatsky as in one of Adolf Hitler's heroes and documented in "The Theory of LIVEvolution". The image on the left (from St. John's the Divine 'seer') illustrates a similar concept of "ILLUMINATION" this time with the blasphemous so-called "Mary, the Mother of God".

ii. A City on Seven Hills

This is also cited as solid proof that the whore has to be Rome and the Catholic Church:
And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. (Revelation 17:9)

Rome is known as the City that sits on Seven Hills in most geography books. However, we have one problem: The City of Rome is split by the Tiber River with the Seven Hills located on the east side and Vatican City the west. Also, as will be explained later the Bible utilizes copious symbolism. One instance is representing "kingdoms" as "mountains". Notice this verse mentions mountains and not hills.

iii. Sun god worship

The Catholic Church's fascination with Sun god worship is represented by such things as the prominent obelisk in the middle of circular Saint Peter's square inside the Vatican brought to Rome in AD 38. and the sun god looking thingie called the monstrance carried today by the Pope and other clergy. Sun god worship has been around since the dawn of humanity itself and is rooted in the first organized civilization, Ancient Babylon as well as Ancient Egypt, the source of the "New" Age as documented in here and "The Theory of LIVEvolution". Therefore, by this very reality alone we see that the Catholic Church is a subset of the Ancient Babylonian and Egyptian systems. This is confirmed by the fact that these two systems influenced the subsequent Media-Persian, Grecian and Roman Empires. The Catholic Church arose out of the latter; hence it is in fact a subset of the Babylonian system.

iv. The prosecution of the Saints

There is no denying that the Romans severely persecuted the true Saints, those that died the most gruesome deaths due solely to their belief in Jesus Christ as the King of humanity rather than the Roman Caesars. (By the way this is another of the copious lies of the Catholics with their Saint this and Saint that. ANYBODY that accepts the free gift of the pardon of sins vis a vis Jesus' death on the cross is a redeemed and perfect soul hence a Saint). The formation of the Catholic Church by Emperor Constantine in 325 AD is a classic example of 'if you can't beat em, join em'. This is exactly what they did to win over the zealous and sometimes pesky Christians who were starting to get the masses to listen. Unfortunately many true Christians took the Roman bait and compromised their beliefs for this world. Emperor Constantine and his religious associates simply took Biblical Christianity and mixed in their own "New" Age pagan beliefs (like sun god worship) taken from Ancient Babylon to create the hodgepodge of blasphemy that we know today as the Roman Catholic Church. But again, the source of their fake religious customs predated them by several thousand years and today is much bigger than solely the Catholic Church.

v. Those that know the Truth have a greater responsibility

The Catholic Church has deserved this unworthy recognition as the leading candidate as the whore of Babylon due to its continuing disgraceful existence from the Inquisition to cooperation with the Nazis and Mussolini before World War II and assisting the Nazis after with things like the Ratlines to pedophile priests not to mention its massive wealth and corresponding hypocrisy. In Ezekiel 33 God makes the concept of knowing Him and doing nothing or worse practicing evil is an unforgivable combination:
But if the watchman see the sword come and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand. (Verse 33:6)
One can little argue that the Catholic Church is guilty of this unforgivable sin of knowledge of God, the real One, combined with dragging His name through the mud with a long history of greed, gluttony, self-aggrandizement and outright evil.

However, I have found a "better" candidate for the whore of Babylon.

(The best sources of the blasphemies and evil of the Catholic Church can be found on Such a discussion is outside the realm of the intent here).

B. The physical Babylon, Iraq

Many well known prophecy scholars have identified the literal City of Babylon as the reincarnation of the Mystery, Babylon pasted by God, the real One, as described in numerous accounts in the Old and New Testaments. These include Tim Lahay and Jeremy B. Jenkins of "Left Behind" fame, Joel Rosenberg of the popular "Epicenter", John Walvoord and Mark Hitchcock who authored "Iraq, Oil and Armageddon" and Rodrigo Silva who has an excellent web site especially on the unraveling Middle East situation entitled But again, these people are incorrect in their conclusions in this instance.

They cite numerous passages in scripture and combined them with the goings on with the modern (now deceased) Nebuchadnezzar, Saddam Hussein. Granted the Middle East is a veritable hotbed with believe in Allah or off with your heads all you infidels who dare question our "religion of peace" or Islam for short pitted against God's Chosen, albeit far from perfect, People, Israel (now the Jews in Israel). Fortunately, the rotten Saddam Hussein, the self professed modern reincarnated Nebuchadnezzar ended up being captured and hung courtesy Skull and Bones Bush II and friends. Some speculate that the United States is the one who will be responsible for the restoration of the Ancient City of Babylon since it is pouring so much money into the place post-invasion. However, these people fail to realize that good 'ol Uncle Sam is a ponzi scheme courtesy our gang banker criminal masters over at the "Fed". In other words, we may be building all kinds of embassies and the like in and around Baghdad and even Babylon but we cannot afford it, or anything else for that matter, much longer today, December 2008.

Rodrigo Silva makes the compelling case that the recent olive branch being extended by the Catholic Church to the Islamic world to have some kind of interfaith love fest will be the impetus for the one world religious system. Very briefly his analysis does not include any mention of the United States, Eastern religions, the international criminal banksta racket headquartered here in the "financial capital of the world", the eco wackos or the UN-dead. Again I find it illogical that these things can all be overlooked given their influence over most of the world. And Islam, like Roman Catholicism, is a pagan-based religion that is rooted in the Ancient Babylonian system of sun and moon worship. Lunar worship in particular is prevalent in Islam and one need look no further than its guiding symbol which is a crescent moon. Therefore, it too, just like Roman Catholicism, is a subset to the original Babylonian system.

In summary, we are left with a case where we have two major religions that are looking to unite (at least this is what they claim but that's another article) but are still subsets of the Babylonian (i.e., "Legendary" Atlantis) religious/political system. Moreover, the entire "New" Age/Eastern religion complex is left out.

C. Saudi Arabia

Ex-PLO terrorist Walid Shoebat makes the case that Saudi Arabia is the Mystery, Babylon in his book "Why I Left Jihad". Again, I mean no disrespect to Mr. Shoebat and highly recommend his book for anyone that has any doubts about Islam as a "religion of peace" from someone that was actually inside it. But in this particular instance he makes the same fundamental mistake as the two aforementioned groups: he simply doesn't go big enough. Granted Saudi Arabia is very powerful financially based on its control of the world oil market but he totally disregards the gang banker "Federal" "Reserve" and the entire "New" Age eco wacko movement and the entire "New" Age for that matter.

I. Introduction       II. Background       III. The Candidates       IV. New York City, USA

(Note: To avoid going off message all links that support this position as well as point to the impending manifestation thereof are tabulated in the consecutive order of their of appearance on the related links page as well as highlighted in the main text body.)



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