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The THEorY of
"Great" Society of the UN-dead

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Mystery, Babylon

Man-made population controlling plagues are not just the crazy theories of "conspiracy kooks" anymore as the global warming/global cooling/climate change and population control through environmentalism umm corn-based ethanol lunatics kick in to high gear (as I've been warning and warning and warning...).

Scientific Evidence supports the Bible. Before we get to specific SCIENTIFIC facts let's make one point: The God of Israel as manifested in human form of Jesus Christ doesn't force or coerce into believing like say "the religion of peace" (as long as you agree your head can stay on your shoulders). Jesus makes this very clear of an all or nothing belief system in Luke 11:23: Read more.

Bohemian Grove As far as this "conspiracy theorist" can see the only web site that looks into this debacle of demonism attended by many "conservative" political leaders, business gurus and the like is sponsored by "conspiracy theorist" Alex Jones. Before we get to his take (and worse) let's corroborate that such a thing as Bohemian Grove exists and is not just the rants of yours truly or "conspiracy theorist" Alex Jone. Read more.

Cathedrals fake stone buildings Jesus specifically warned against. In "The THEorY of LIVEvolution" one cathedral, Saint John's the Divine, here in Mystery, Babylon was the target of much discussion since it is the modern home of the RELIGIOUS eco wacko movement. Read more.

Helena Blavatsky the "New" Age Madame and the real THEorY of LIVEvolution

Ephesians Paul describes the "cosmic war" going on all around us

Angel of Light one in the same with ILLUMINATION and Lucifer's Publishing Company

Daniel his prophecies tie in with the Book of Revelation

City of Jerusalem or the City of Foursquare is the impetus behind the "New" Age and the secular Zionist movement

Djwhal Khul both parts of this name point to "devil". Hopefully this article, if it hasn't happened already, will shock you into reality and ask what the hell, pun intended, is really going on around here? The most direct link of "him" to the Angel of Light, whom God, the real One, calls Satan in His Book, is Lucifer's Publishing Company (now Lucis Trust) over at the UN-dead. Read more.

Kosmos same as the cosmos as in the heavens and the stars (and of course "cosmic waters") Read more.

Third Temple Jesus already gave us a preview of His Second Coming with the third version of Solomon's Temple

Rivers of Life These have been associated with "corn" and now corn based ethanol is starving the world to death creating a real "security issue" (food riots) to solve a fake scam (global warming). ANYBODY that doubts my position that the UN-dead needs to be deported yesterday will, hopefully, be shocked into reality. Read more.

RC Christian "He" was explored in "The THEorY of LIVEvolution" as well as in the Georgia Guidestones article on the New Age page. But this "guy" becomes more disturbing the more one reads about "him".

Rules for Radicals Obama's hero Saul Alinsky makes arguments that appear brilliant on the surface but are really quite moronic as they really point to perpetual anarchy….or martial law to avoid further "change" when people find out how much Obama's "change" will really suck…

Age of Aquarius/The Aquarian Age The so-called "Age of Reason" is what we are "changing" to. This is bad, regardless of useful idiot Al Gore walking out to the song "Age of Aquarius" that prays for "harmony and understanding" according to the eco wacko nut cases. The mankind can rule himself/ humanist/God sucks "New" Age loony left crowd meets the Freemason gang bankers in the final moments before descent "To the Mouth of Madness".

Hierarchy Alice Bailey discusses this group of fallen angels in her book "Externalization of the Hierarchy" (actually her "friend" from Lucifer's Publishing Company "DK" takes credit). I'm not sure praying for this is such a good idea…

Gog and Magog Many prophecy scholars claim this is a separate war from the climactic Armageddon. Others, including yours truly, see them as the same…

Bilderberg Group This group of international elites is worth mentioning again because this year's version (June 2008) had both Queen Hillary and "The One" in attendance yet not a word appeared on the mainstream snews… Read more.



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