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The THEorY of
"Great" Society of the UN-dead


Help President Odumbo fight climate change with some population control.

THEY Are Our Owners


What's your "Needful Thing"?

Armed revolution against our Illuminati "Federal" "Reserve" criminal Owners vies a vies the Founding Fathers is the only answer THEY will listen to at this point. However, this video from Steven King's "Needful Things" illustrates why I DO NOT advocate this approach: this is what THEY want; this is what he (Leland Gaunt/Barak Obama) wants: anarchist self-destruction followed by martial law. The divide and conquer mentality conveyed by Obama's hero the Communist radical/devil worshipper Saul Alinksy is now ever more clear.

To question our Communist in Chief is 'racist', "the rich must pay their fair share", Medicare will be cut to allow the uninsured into to the system, Social Security cuts, everyone (else) must "sacrifice" yet our Owners always get paid…

What's your "Needful Thing"? A "free" cash for clunker? "Free" government health care? "Free" Socialist Security? "Free" money for college? Whatever you want Uncle Barry has and it's all "free"….


All the world is a stage and we are its actorsTuition smarter than a Harvard MBA...for FREE instantly!!! Just watch this video....



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