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The THEorY of
"Great" Society of the UN-dead

Relevant New Stories

USA Unified Strength In America Returning To God's Principles Read articles
"ObamaCAIR by Chris Alexander." Read article
"The Next Step." Read article
"Obama And His Kiss Of Destruction" by Chris Alexander. (I wouldn't advise reading it if you've eaten in the past few hours.) Read article

Two Americas: Pictures Speak 1,000 Words.
God's Belssings on Founding Fathers & This Nation; Obama's Way

"Voters Opt For Golden Chain Slavery " by Chris Alexander. Read article
"Obama Wins - America Loses" by Chris Alexander. Read article
"Two Peas in a pod: Bill Clinton and Obama". Read article
Vietnam veteran Chris Alexander summarizes the Sharia Law infiltration of "The Late Great USA" while we are in the midst of "The War on Terror".  Read article
TSA Intrusiveness Is A Prelude To Biometrics And RFID Chipping.  Read article
6-18-10 Special Guest Columnist Debbie Lewis
Don't Tread On Me: The Movie Read Press Release
6-18-10 Special Guest Columnist Debbie Lewis
Don't Tread On Me
Read how the "imbecile majority" awakens with a shout from the descendants of the Pilgrims known as the Founding Fathers...and "They" don't like it hence we're now "right wing extremists". Read article
Topping the finale: I'm the terrorist? **** you. Read article
As things wind down here for the “The Late Great USA” and in fact “The Late Great Planet Earth” and at the risk of beating a dead horse here are four stories that indicate this whole effort is much more than just “conspiracy theory”. Read article
"They" aren't even trying to hide anymore....
Read article
This week's topics again: 1. WATCH OUT FOR THIS GUY and 2. THEM. Look carefully at this image.
Read article

This week's topics: 1. THEM and 2. More evidence the UN-dead's IPCC IS the Inter-galactic Panel of Cosmic Clowns . . . Read article
I'll say it again...WATCH OUT FOR THIS GUY . . . and THEM . . . Read article
This week's categories: The coming American Gulag, the Dr. Alfred Kinsey sickos and the eco wackos/eugenics/gang banker complex. ALL come about under the auspicies of "our" new Messiah . . . Read article
Celine Dion can sing "God Bless America" to Obama zombies all she wants and "The One" can say God bless America all he wants (in front of the "imbecile majority" that is). As for this "conspiracy theorist" it's very disconcerting to hear this self described "world citizen" talk about meeting "the demands of a new age". WARNING: WATCH OUT FOR THIS GUY... Read article
It's not even week one of "The Messiah" and hopefully this narrow selection of news stories shocks you into reality... Read article


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