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The Inconvenient Scientific Method

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Below appears the Circle of the Zodiac that sits at the "sun center" of the "New" Age with "the Christ Apollo" at its center:

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Wave "hi" to the nice Jesus you "pilgrims" in the "imbecile majority" as Freemason historian Manly Hall refers to us annoyances outside the spiritually EVOLVED or "Illuminated" ones. This "weeding out" of the "imbecile majority" is not at all dissimilar to what eugenics guru and ACLU client Planned Parenthood founder, (and Hillary Clinton icon) Margret Sanger was pursuing; and oh yeah Adolf Hitler heroine Margret Sanger. "Population Bomb" anyone?

By the way did anybody catch (financially) green Al "carbon credits" private jet flying 20 times the electrical usage than the average American private limo riding ultra liberal (for the rest of us) Gore coming out to the song "Age of Aquarius" at the Democratic National Convention? How about the Greek Temple "decorations"? The common occult roots of the "New" Age eco wacko Gaia types and evolution fools are thoroughly documented in "The THEorY of LIVEvolution".

Uh oh.

Continuing here is the "circle of life" of the so-called Eastern religions and the "New" Age (Borrowed from Lois Chan, "Unholy Alliance", VMI Publishers, Sisters, Oregon):

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The concept of "squaring the circle" to get in tune with "the cosmos" or "Kosmos" if you're from the UN-dead or achieving infinity is rooted in the cap less "Great" Pyramid of Giza and is covered in "The THEorY of LIVEvolution". The "Great" Pyramid in addition to being the inspiration of just about every "New" Age fruitcake just so happens to occupy the back of "your" "Federal Reserve Notes"

Now here is my "circle of life" that illustrates where the real United States stands as all these groups still operate in one form or another. (This is all documented in "The THEorY of LIVEvolution").

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New Articles and Commentary
Read about the real deal behind the fake environmental movement in the next three links (Related material is discussed at length in Section 3 of "The THEorY of LIVEvolution")

"Beware the environmental movement, beware the environmental movement" 10/30/08 (PDF)

An overview of "the conspiracy" that focuses on the radical environmental movement, the anti-10 Commandments of The Georgia Guidestones and the beast 6+6+6 of Revelation... 6/3/10 (webcast)

322, The Georgia Guidestones and the Eco wackos 11/12/08 (PDF)

322 Supplementary Information 11/12/08 (PDF)

The Rockefeller Game. Play this "game" and see how the Rockefellers are behind many "New" Age causes and leading us to the World of Orwell's "1984". In their defense other names (Rothschild, Warburg, JP Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Whitney, Harriman to name some) from years past should be included as well. But that name consistently shows up in EVERYTHING being discussed here and keeps showing up, even today.

1984 11/13/08 (PDF)

If anyone doubts my position that the eco wackos are a bunch of satellite groups of Mother Earth loons, crackpots and weirdoes being disseminated by the mother ship of the Rockefeller founded UN-Dead, click on the link below to view images of UN-Dead associated magazine "Kosmos: An Integral Approach to Global Awakening" (that's "Kosmos" synonymous with "Cosmos" as in outer space and astrology and Circles of the Zodiac…)

The UN-Dead's IPCC, the Inter-Galactic Panel of Cosmic Clowns 11/20/08



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