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The THEorY of
"Great" Society of the UN-dead

THEIR Lists and Anti-10 Commandments

Here's the radical environmental movement in a nutshell, no pun intended.

Let's start with list numero uno Communist dictator and ex-KGB chief Mikhail Gorbachev's "Earth Charter" that sounds so good and uppity until you realize its co-author was an ex-Communist dictator who ran Mother Russia's Secret Police.
The Earth Charter 8/7/09 (PDF)

Author Samantha Smith's excellent book entitled, "Goddess Earth", bridges the gap between the "New" Age Mother Earth Gaia weirdoes and the so-called 'science' of the eco-wackos. Eco-wacko high-priest/hypocrite Al Gore shows up, once again, right in the middle.
Goddess Earth 10/14/09 (PDF)

And once again here are the anti-10 Commandments by RC Christian who has been associated with every "anti-Christ" archetype of history from the Greek god Hermes to a mysterious character behind the French Revolution to some mysterious character in Elberton, Georgia (see RC Christian and/or new age page). Compare and contrast "his" list with the others on this page along with some happy thoughts from the most left wing genocidal maniacs of the radical environmental movement. Can't you just feel the love from these "compassionate" Progressives?"
The anti-10 Commandments 8/7/09 (PDF)

And here's yet another list from a radical kook eco lunatic who represents the exact view of our Communist in Chief's "science" czar. Don't worry you'll feel better after reading some of what this guy has to say.
The Population Bomb 8/7/09 (PDF)

And here's eco wacko high priest private jet flying Al Gore whose biggest green movement has been into his bank account. Have no fear, he won't let some right wing nut jobs who happen to be the top scientists in the world de-rail his Inter-galactic Panel of Cosmic Clowns (or the UN-dead's IPCC ) as he, along with Obama's Goldman Sachs gang banker criminals, stands to make literally a billion or more from the shady Chicago Climate Exchange where "carbon credits" will be traded. Can't you just feel the love of the "New" Age of Aquarius?


Watching this hypocrite charlatan talk about the "climate crisis" (that doesn't really exist) because of "big oil and coal" (he has made "windfall profits" from Occidental petroleum not to mention his mansion and private jet) as he promises Obama will seek "the ageless principles of the constitution" (from a guy who illegally took over America's largest private company and has surrounded himself with Communist bomb throwing thugs and genocidal maniacs) and rule with "moral authority" (from a guy who voted that live babies should be allowed to die) reminds me of this clip from John Carpenter's "They Live".



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