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The THEorY of
"Great" Society of the UN-dead

The Beginning

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The UN-American Genocidal Complex
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Get the Book "The UN-American Genocidal Complex"

"The conspiracy" traces back to the Garden of Eden. Get a 2 hour synopsis on how it has manifested in today's world:

  • American Eugenics: The most evil, best hidden and biggest mass killers in human history

  • Adolf Hitler: Made, and supported, in the USA

  • Religious environmentalism and genocide

  • Man made viruses

  • Running it all….the real identity of "the anti-Christ" much worse and real than the Cartoon Network variety many profits of God have been telling us about.

Pleased to Meet You...  
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Get the Book "Pleased to Meet You..."

My name is 18. . . . Hope you can guess my name.

I am everywhere yet I am nowhere. I don’t exist yet I rule the world. I am known as The Great Geometer and Architect of the Universe yet I am the author of chaos. I have no name but I take after my mother, a woman of 10,000 names who was never born. I am the Angel of Light but also the Prince of Darkness. I live in the shadows and remain silent but speak to you every single day. I am your friend and want nothing more for you than to share in my eternal torment. Nobody can see me yet I am hidden in plain sight. I am Columbia and sunrise in the east and Occidental and sunset in the west. I tell the truth yet it is still a lie. I am 44. And I am VERY pleased to make your acquaintance....


The following listing of articles is a posting of my latest series of articles. The "book" is ongoing as I produce more articles so it will be updated accordingly.

1. Overview
Mystery Babylon USA
2. The Obama-Nation of Desolation
Mystery Babylon USA Part 1 – The Obama Nation of Desolation
Mystery Babylon USA Part 2 - The Obama-Nation of Desolation Is Here and You Need to Pay Attention Part 2
The Obama-Nation of Desolation Part 4: What’s Your Needful Thing?
3. The Numerology of Obama-Nation
What will Happen on August 5, 2016?
What DID Happen on August 5, 2016?

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